3 Steps to Marketing Activewear Using The Power of Photography

3 Steps to Marketing Activewear

The UK sportswear market is forecast to grow by 20.9% by 2023, reaching £6.7bn in value.   

As a result of the rapidly increasing market size, competitors are out for blood. There’s no doubt that the industry is booming, and fitness brands desperately need to get a “leg up” on the competition. They need a strong marketing strategy.  

As a photography company that prides itself on high-quality shoots for all types of fitness products, from gym-goers to adventure finders, we’ve had the chance to get right into the minds of your target audience. We know what works, and what doesn’t.  

It’s time to share our secrets with you.  

Step #1 – Practice what you preach 

We’re huge believers in practicing what you preach, and so is your audience. They trust companies that are seen working out and wearing their own brand. Optionally. Quick social media updates of a selfie of you at the gym with subtle product placement? Works. 

Gym Fitness Clothing - Gym Shark

Our CEO Collette Evans scores amazing fitness photography opportunities by personally dedicating herself to intense workout schemes – which gets her in the mindset of the audience, as well as putting her in all the right places at the right times. She’s met potential clients at local gyms, fitness events, and even on her social media: “Fitness Instagram.” Getting involved in the industry you want to target? Works.  

Additionally, if you have a team of activewear employees that practice what they preach – you gain one huge competitive advantage.  

You’ll be gaining key market insight into prospective customer’s pains and gains, by attending events with them and matching their mindset. By simply being involved in the industry, you can start to notice key marketing opportunities.  

Does someone keep complaining that their new gym trousers give them a rash after a workout? Or is someone not a fan of the cut of their vest?  

These little moments give you perfect opportunity to network, introduce your activewear line and actively solve common problems by working with your design team. Problem-solving is an easy-to-achieve marketing message that has a huge impact.  

Step #2 – Have concrete social media – especially on Instagram 

Following Step 1 allows opportunities to arise for professional social media and blog content.  

A big part of digital marketing is focusing on generating organic leads and increasing brand awareness: brilliant content creation can do that for you.  

Going for a mountain hike this weekend? Blog about it.  

Run every day? Tweet about your times, and where you ran.  

Need fresh, image-based content for Instagram or your website? Don’t use stock photos.  

Fitness photographers can be the perfect “gym buddy” and brand partner. Involving a fitness photographer in that 100km hike you’ve committed to means you can get brilliant, high-quality product placement shots that give you: 

  • Authenticity ✅  
  • Originality ✅ 
  • Accurate messaging and storytelling for interactive brand building ✅ 
  • Fresh, responsive branding ✅ 
Sports Brand Photography

Step #3 – Involve more people in your marketing campaigns 

If you’ve got a budget for bigger marketing campaigns: involve more people. Instead of staged shots of you or your team working out, partner with local gyms and help them promote certain fitness classes in exchange for social-media shout-outs, and them keeping your business cards on the front desk.  
When you’re bringing fitness influencers into the mix, we recommend mixing it up. Instead of trying to score the biggest brand deal – look for micro-influencers. Then blow them away with your service and professional treatment. 

Go beyond sending out a promotion package, instead organize a professional photoshoot. Micro influencers will be used to making do with what they have, a mobile phone or their own camera. They might not have experienced a ‘red carpet moment’. 

Oftentimes, brands send product packages to influencers that feature on their social media perhaps once or twice, possibly in a blurry mirror selfie. Now imagine if you treated them to a photoshoot and presented them with a full package of live-action fitness shots. From a professional photographer  
👉 They’d feel worshipped, look like a model and the photos of them in your branded clothing would dominate their social media feed.  
Instead of a simple “will you wear my clothing” deal – you’d be creating a memorable experience. Great marketing is about being memorable, and positive experiences promote word of mouth promotion and brand loyalty.  

You’ll have a fitness influencer on your side for life, fantastic PR as they grow. 

Take a look at our activewear portfolio, and then imagine your brand at the front and center. Book now.  

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