10 Types of Photos Every Fitness Business Should Have

10 Types of Photos Every Fitness Business Should Have

If you think that a simple image of your product for your fitness business is going to attract your target market; in such a crowded marketed too, then you need to rethink your commercial marketing strategy and the types of photos to use!

Over the last couple of years, fitness has become a trend for millions of people, leading to a rapid increase in the size and popularity of the global fitness industry. So, your fitness business and the visual content you are producing need to cut above the noise but also the new businesses, new brands, and new products that are continually entering the industry and competing with you.

In today’s post, we want to share with you the ten types of photos every fitness business should have, but we’ll also share with you a few tips and ideas that can help you stand out from the crowd.

What photos do I need for my fitness business?

Marketing and Brand Photos

Let’s start with photos that show off and market your product – if you are a Personal Trainer, think that product means and includes you. With these photos you want to be thinking about instantly communicating with your audience, so make sure your marketing photos effectively can communicate a world of information into a strong visual format, that markets you, your message and your fitness business.

Studio Pictures

Make sure you have some studio photos of your fitness product (or you). With your studio photos, you can create infinite possibilities for your fitness business. Maybe even think about white background photos to create those clean lines, and with great lighting, you can instantly highlight those important details of your product and connect with your audience as studio photos are all about attention to detail.

Campaign and Commercial Photos

It’s time to start really bringing your fitness business and product to life in your marketing and campaign photos. With your campaign vision in mind, you can create meaningful and impactful visuals that will stand out from your competitors. With your campaign photo think about each image bringing the right message to the right customer, as with more creative photography that will inspire your audience and your customers to buy from you.

Location Photos

Now you have the foundations, you may want to start thinking about taking your fitness business and your product out into the real world and adding some depth. Location photos are great for product photography and the perfect visual when you want to connect with your customers. When choosing your location, you want to think about the kind of locations and backgrounds that relate to your audience.

On-Site Photos

Not only do you want to think about location, but it’s good to get photos of your fitness business on-site. Whatever your facility, venue, office or home style, with on-site photos you can show off your positive atmosphere and personality. Using an on-site photo means you get proof in a visual format that does all the talking for you.

Lifestyle Photos

Still, on the path of being out of the studio, you should try and capture some lifestyle photos. Lifestyle product photography can provide an insight into your brand and fitness business. Unlike white background photography, lifestyle product images can showcase personality and be interactive. When capturing images for lifestyle product photography, the overarching goal is to make consumers feel like they are living vicariously through your images in an imaginative way.

Social Media Pictures

When there are over 300 million photos being uploaded to social media channels you need to be part of the visual game. When it comes to social media you need photos that can engage with your audience and make you stand out when your audience is actively scrolling through feeds. For more tips on social media photos, look at our latest post 10 Ways to Improve your Social Media Photos”.


Photos of your Systems and Processes

You need to consider using all different types of images to sell your fitness business and product. Alongside location, studio setting product shots or using models on set, consider showing how you work with and without clients – show the process or the stages of your end product and take them on a creative journey. 

Team and Staff Photos

People like to buy from people, so you need to make people care. You might create an awesome product but sometimes you need to sell you, the person, or the people involved in your business and sell a feeling and a connection. Get team and staff shots for your website or press release and share your story, your journey and what makes you special, and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Creative Pictures

Don’t be afraid to go against the ordinary. Creative photography is all about being bold and standing out, especially in such a popular industry. When getting creative you need to stretch the imagination and challenge the norm; plus, stats show that the more images that are on your website on your campaign landing pages, the more interesting it will be to the viewer and the longer they will stay on your site – which then also helps increase your google rankings!


There you have it: 10 types of photos every fitness business should have.

  1. Marketing and Brand Photos
  2. Studio Pictures
  3. Campaign and Commercial Photos
  4. Location Photos
  5. On-site Photos
  6. Lifestyle Photos
  7. Social Media Pictures
  8. Photos of your Systems and Process
  9. Team and Staff Photos
  10.  Creative Pictures 

You may have not realised the varied amount and styles of photography you could utilise to promote your fitness business.

But as you saw, photography is all about creating impactful visuals that can effectively communicate your business and help you connect with your audience and customers. 

Get in touch today and let’s discuss how we can help you create, striking creative photography for your growing fitness business.

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